The Wear Well Project helps you learn why how your clothes make an impact the environment and the people who make them and how to reduce your impact.


The biggest thing you can do to help reduce your impact is to change where you decide to buy your clothing from. Wether that is finding great places to buy used, or buying from ethical and environmentally friendly brands. 



We help you answer all the questions you might ask you mom about you clothes, and probably a few more. Do I wash this? How often? How exactly? All of those questions answered. 



One of the most impact full decisions you can make about your clothing is how to get rid of it. Learn how to repurpose, donate, and recycle your clothes in your area. 


Our Mission

Our mission is the reduce the individual environmental and ethical impact of clothing through education. The Wear Well Project website combines information from many different sources to create a coherent, concise, digestable, and actionable information relating to clothing. The available information can sometimes be hard to track down, and we’re all busy and we all want to be better humans, so we want to make it easier for you. Without understanding both why certain actions are a problem or how to make better choices, there will be no change. The Wear Well Project seeks to help improve your decision making and, there by, create a better world for us all.